5 Strategies Timeshare Resorts Use To Prevent You From Canceling

canceling a timeshare
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The rescission period is the time allotted by local governments for consumers to review their purchase and legally canceling a timeshare. If they cancel their purchase during this period, the government requires timeshare companies to give purchasers a full refund.

However, there is nothing more frustrating for a sales team than to spend 6-8 hours to make a sale that later cancels.

In addition to losing their commission, many feel that they could have spent the same time coercing somebody else who might purchase and not cancel.  Therefore, they will do everything they can to prevent new owners from canceling a timeshare during the rescission period.

Here are 5 strategies that many timeshare resorts use to prevent new timeshare owners from canceling a timeshare during the rescission period.

  1. They will avoid the rescission clause that is included in the documents.

Although the rescission clause is clearly written in the documents, many timeshare agents or Legal Verification Officers  (VLO) will avoid mentioning this very important item. This is a tactic they use to prevent new owners from canceling a timeshare.

The resort’s management will not allow sales reps to mention the rescission period during the sale presentation.  This could lead to disciplinary action or being fired.

While reviewing the paperwork, many reps will discuss other matters to avoid the clause that outlines the rescission.

Most new timeshare owners will not review all the paperwork, and this is how many timeshare sales reps avoid their sales being canceled.  After a 6-hour grueling sales presentation, new owner do not want review all the legal jargon in the documents.  And if it is never mentioned by the staff, too often, they are not aware of it.

  1. They will follow-up to overcome Buyer’s Remorse

Canceling a timeshare
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It is important for timeshare sales staff to keep in touch with their new clients shortly after the sale. This helps prevent them from canceling a timeshare during the rescission period.  Most clients will have buyer’s remorse and reconsider their purchase.  After all, it might have been a very expensive unexpected purchase that was sold on emotion.

Buyer’s remorse often happens after they have taken the time to reconsider their purchase.  They question whether they did the “right thing.” For this reason, sales reps need to be available just in case the client wants to cancel.

According to a Redweek article, Dr. Amy Gregory, assistant professor at the University of Florida, has been studying the impact of buyer regret and remorse and rescission decisions. She says that most timeshare buyers regret their decisions.

A whopping 85 percent of all buyers regret their purchase (for money, fear, confusion, intimidation, distrust and other reasons).”

Dr. Gregory’s Regarding Canceling A Timeshare findings are as follows:

  • The average rescission rate is 15% – essentially identical to the daily average percentage of people who buy a timeshare following a sales presentation.
  • 85% of all buyers regret their purchase, citing reasons including money, fear, confusion, intimidation, and distrust.
  • 41% of buyers never thought they would regret their purchase but ended up doing so.  30% were neutral prior to buying, but came to regret their decision.
  • 95% of all buyers go back to their resort and sales team for more information after the sale. They seek more information about maintenance fees, resale options, and pricing alternatives.

Some sales reps will treat their new owners out for a nice dinner to help “bond the relationship.”  This tactic works well as the new owners are getting to know the sales agent on a personal level.  After all, the salesperson took his or her own money and time to take the new owners out for a nice dinner.  Why would they consider canceling a timeshare with “their new friend?”

  1. They will follow-up by phone

Most resorts will require the sale staff who made the sale to meet with the new clients the next day, or to call them within 24 hours. This is to overcome buyer’s remorse, or in case the new owners have any further questions or clarifications.  Often time, the new owners forget the verbiage during the presentation and the salesperson needs to explain the program again.

  1. The resort may reduce the sales price.

If the new timeshare owners decide that they want to cancel a timeshare, the resort can offer to reduce the price.

A preliminary cause of buyer’s remorse is that the new owners didn’t take the time to review all the documents and to absorb everything that was said during the sales presentation. After all, they didn’t think that they were going to buy.

Often time, this “second round”rendezvous could last another 2-3 hours of negotiating. Many take the bait and purchase at the lower price, or keep the original agreement.

Unfortunately, the timeshare company may not change the original rescission period. Owners now have less time to reconsider their purchase.

Consumers need to be aware that the “today only price” offered will always be available the next day, week, or month. Don’t be afraid to return later. Resorts will not turn down the potential for a sale if it doesn’t exceed their bottom line.


  1. The resort may offer more gifts.

If the resort offered gifts to make the sale, there are hundreds or thousands of additional monies that was left on the table. This is simply because the sale did not exceed their “bottom line” price.

If the new owners want to cancel, the management can offer more gifts to “sweeten the deal.”  These free gifts might include free accommodations, free meals, free activities, free or discounted RCI weeks or other options.

New owners must be aware of the new terms that might have entered the contract.  These terms could include paying rack rates for the free accommodations or paying the highest advertised prices for any gifts. This occurs in case they decide to cancel the deal. This action could add into the thousands of dollars if they decide to cancel.

Therefore, it is imperative to read the documents thoroughly before signing, or present it to an attorney.


The rescission is the consumer’s right when desiring to canceling a timeshare purchase. Although timeshare resorts will use every strategy that they can, it’s the consumer’s final decision.

It’s tantamount to a girl breaking up with her boyfriend who has spent all his time and energy wooing her.  She discovers more about him and decides to terminate the relationship.  He will use every tactic and strategy that he can, including embarrassment and condescension. But in the end, it is still her decision to terminate the relationship or move forward.


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Did Diamond Resorts Con These African American Seniors?


how to cancel a timeshare contract

This is a letter is from a disgruntled Diamond Resorts timeshare member who explains the deceptive and unethical practices of Diamond Resorts. 

She has requested our advocates to guide her on how to cancel a timeshare contract. 

-Wayne C. Robinson


September 11, 2018

Gladys L Blake and Betty Butler, Maryland Residents

To: Michael Flaskey, Diamond CEO, DR PR Firm, Barclay’s President’s office, ARDA, ARDA ROC, Association of Vacation Owners, AARP Hospitality:

Our Diamond Resorts Sales Presentation

When we attended the Diamond Resort Sales presentation in Williamsburg, Virginia, Diamond sales agent Craig Thrift told us we would not be paying a maintenance fee because it was included in our mortgage payment, which was a lie.

The assessment fee was not clearly explained, because when they talked about it, Craig Thrift would jump back to no maintenance fee. Craig never mentioned the $2,500 Assessment Fee that would be due August 2016. This was a serious omission.

We were told we had to convert to points due to Diamond acquiring Gold Key October 16, 2016. This was not a requirement, and the decision to do so has led to our foreclosure.

Our Purchase of Diamond Resorts Points

Purchased: Virginia Beach, VA May 17, 2016, 13,000 points purchased. (Diamond Bonus points of 5,250 was given to us but was never shown). Sales Agent: Craig Thrift. Purchase Price: $46,810. Down Payment: $17,973. Final Price after down payment: $28,837.62. Credit Cards – $4,500 each cash payment $8,925(-$75). Trade in value (Gold Key) $9,777.38. Total – $18,702.38. Amount Financed and Interest Rate: $28,107.62 @ 15.06%. Loan Number: Private. Current Loan Balance: $25,650.74 (as of 08/17/18). Name of Credit Card Used for down payment: Barclay Card. Diamond Resorts International World Mastercard.

how to cancel a timeshare contract

January 2016 – We paid the regular maintenance fee to Gold Key Resorts. We had to pay the second maintenance fee after converting to points. We had to pay the $2,500 for Assessment fee to Diamond Resorts August 2016 that had not been disclosed. We had to get a personal loan. The late fees were high. This was when we knew we had made a big mistake by signing with Diamond Resorts and why the bums rush to get us to sign papers to go with the point system.

They said they were giving us 5,250 Diamond Bonus Points for signing – which was never shown in our paperwork per the team in Williamsburg.

May 17, 2016 – First Meeting with Diamond Resort – During the processing period, Craig Thrift sent a young man to help explain the paperwork. He was not clear on a lot of the questions and Craig kept popping in and out during the processing period who brushed aside a lot of our questions. The points system was not fully explained. They said this would take place during our orientation.

After we finished the paperwork, we were escorted downstairs to sign the contract. Craig would pop in wanting to know if anyone had said anything to us. The people downstairs were employees of Gold Key. He seemed very anxious to keep us away from them. I have looked thru my papers. I only have copies of papers with our names and signatures on them, no signatures from Diamond Resorts.

Diamond Resorts Sends Letter Containing False Information

October 18, 2016. We received a letter stating that we had to attend a Mandatory meeting for new members. We went to Williamsburg, Va. That’s when the assessment fee and points were laid out. We were told that 13,000 points would not take us very far. We were given 5,250 Diamond Bonus Points for signing – which was never shown in our paperwork.

Diamond Resorts High Pressure Sales Presentation

They kept us for several hours trying to get us to buy 30,000 points for $144,840. I kept a copy of this which shows the down payment and a monthly payment of $2,355.41. We were told if we left, we would be responsible for paying for the room ($228.00). I told them my sister has diabetes and she needed to eat. No one paid any attention. I asked the sales agent where did she think we could get that kinda of money, her words were, “You both have houses that you could mortgage.” If we were to purchase the 30,000 points, our assessment fee would be $3,151 a year.

During this meeting they tried to put pressure on us to purchase more points, and when one couldn’t get us to purchase, another one would come in the room. This went on for at least 5 hours.

I sent an email to Diamond headquarters to inform them about our meeting and to ask about our Diamond Bonus Points. I also informed them that we would not be buying any more points from Diamond. We are senior citizens (70s) and were very upset that their sales personnel tried to drive us further in debt.

The email from Diamond Resorts thanked me for contacting them. They reviewed our account that showed we did have Diamond Dream Holiday Points in the amount of 5250, only our annual allotment of 13,000 points. Went on to say that the meeting we attended was booked with their Marketing team which does not require us to stay and attend the meeting. Never once did they address the way we were treated.

The Williamsburg visit gave me a clear view of who we were dealing with and I wanted to get free from this group.

We can no longer make personal loans to pay the maintenance fees each year. By the time we pay the loan off, it is time to make another loan for the next maintenance fee. This has created a financial hardship for both of us.

Deception by Diamond Resorts

We were deceived regarding the Maintenance Fee being included in the monthly payment and the omission of not disclosing the assessment fee, the points system was never explained. We were told we had to give up our deed.

We are not able to travel as much due to my sister’s health, she is a diabetic. She also has COPD and heart problems. Her legs swell when traveling, she has Asthma and both of us have High Blood Pressure.
Diamond’s agents were aggressive and misleading.

I have looked thru my papers, and I only have copies with my sister and my name and signatures on them, no signatures from Diamond Resorts.

how to cancel a timeshare contract

Request Diamond Resorts Cancel Our Membership and Return All of our Monies

We are seeking Cancellation of this Loan and a full refund of all the monies ($46, 810.00) that we have given to Diamond Resorts and to cancel the membership forever. We would also like the $9, 777.00 you took as a trade in for our old timeshare. Total ($56,587.00)

Gladys L. Blake, age: 77. Betty B Butler, age: 71. Maryland Residents

Free Guidance on How to Cancel a Timeshare Contract

Timeshare owner advocate Irene Parker, INSIDE TIMESHARE, and author Wayne C. Robinson, EVERYTHING ABOUT TIMESHARES, are helping families like these resolve their timeshare issues, including how to cancel a timeshare contract.

Although we cannot guarantee by using specific steps on how to cancel a timeshare contract, we can connect you to the right organizations.

GET THE FULL REPORT –13 Shocking Secrets The Timeshare industry Does Not Want You To Know.

how to cancel a timeshare contract

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Timeshare Companies Becoming More Creative – and Cunning!

Pug dog on beach wrapped in a towel

Timeshare Companies Become More Creative To Remain Afloat – and Cunning

Timeshare companies are using creative ways to remain afloat as savvy consumers have become aware of their illegal and  unethical behavior AFTER THE SALE.

Do your own Google search and view the the plethora of lawsuits between timeshare owners and timeshare companies.

According to an article in Redweek.com, quoting Dr. Amy Gregory who spoke at a recent ARDA convention, 85% of timeshare owners are dissatisfied with their purchase. Many are trying to get out and are flooding the timeshare resale market.

So, the timeshare companies  must create ways to remain afloat.  Otherwise, they will be trampled by Airbnb who is pursuing similar market – the Millennial Generation.

Companies are convincing the elderly, minorities and Millennials into signing long term mortgage contracts with no protection for the purchaser.

Timeshare Contracts Are Now Mortgages

Timeshare companies are separating the timeshare interest with the mortgage. Once the new purchaser signs the paperwork, a mortgage is taken out with a different company.

If the timeshare owner is not getting what was mentioned during the sales presentation, or the timeshare owner cannot go where and when they desire, they are still obligated to pay the mortgage. Some timeshares mortgages are over $50,000.

Unfortunately, new purchasers do not have access to their timeshare websites until weeks after the purchase, making it impossible to determine whether the program is what they were told or if it even works.

If the company goes bankrupt, they are still obligated to pay the mortgage companies.

Some of the contracts have over 50 pages of legal jargon that give the new buyer little, if any time, to review it. The 50 pages focuses more on the mortgage, not the benefits to the member or the obligation of the company.

If the mortgage is not paid, the mortgage companies contact the credit reporting and collection agencies like a dog after a bone.

Read the sad stories featured on Inside Timeshare. 

Timeshare Resales Worthless

Many timeshare companies are not recognizing timeshare resales that are flooding the timeshare secondary market by owners who are trying to dump their unwanted timeshares.

When a consumer purchases the timeshare on a resale site, some timeshare companies will not allow the new owner to use them unless they purchase more timeshare points. Their prices are into the thousands of dollars on top of what the new owner has already paid for the timeshare and transfer fees.

Therefore, new timeshare owners are not aware that their timeshares are worthless on the secondary market, and won’t be able to get rid of them or the mortgage. “Buyers beware!”

You Can No Longer Sue The Company – Regardless

When you sign the contracts with the timeshare companies, you agree not to sue them, regardless.  You agree to go into arbitration.

Read your contracts before you sign anything.

You Do Not Have Immediate Access To The Website

When you purchase the timeshare with an initial deposit, you will not have access to their website until weeks later. Therefore, you cannot know whether what was stated during the sales presentation is true or not.

I received an email from a gentleman who recently purchased 18,000 credits from Wyndham for $48,000 Australian dollars. He stated that when he tried to access the website after making his purchase, he was unable to log in.

He contacted the company and they informed him that he would not have access until weeks later.

Once he did gain access, he was surprised to discover that the contents on the website was completely different than what was stated to him during the sales presentation.

He was making plans to cancel the timeshare for misrepresentation.

Unfortunately, because the timeshare is separate from his $48,000 mortgage, he is still obligated to pay the mortgage.

Timeshare Contracts Available Now Online

If timeshare companies want to play hard ball with consumers, let’s level the playing field.

If you want to review some of the timeshare contracts before you purchase, click here.

If you are a current timeshare owner please send copies of your contract to me at: goodbyetimeshares@gmail.com. Remove your personal information and I will post them on the Internet for free.

Read this report, and learn more sad truths about the timeshare industry from a former timeshare executive.


13 Shocking Secrets of The Timeshare Industry Report

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INSIDE TIMESHARE – Free Consumer Advice

Inside Timeshare


Our mission is to provide you news surrounding the timeshare industry, providing you with the information and tools to make informed decisions about the companies you may wish to deal with.
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Everything About Timeshares Book Forward Written by Timeshare Advocate Irene Parker


Book Forward Written by Timeshare Owner Advocate Irene Parker

The forward for the upcoming book, Everything about Timeshares,  will be written by timeshare owner’s advocate, Irene Parker.

Timeshare owner advocate Irene is a contributor for the “Inside Timeshare” news blog that addresses current issues that timeshare owners would like  to know about.

Letter From American Features Irene Parker

The Letter From America section in the Inside Timeshare featured blog highlights letters from frustrated owners who are seeking assistance with their timeshare issues. They are shared with timeshare owner advocate Irene Parker.

Our mission is to provide you news surrounding the timeshare industry, providing you with the information and tools to make informed decisions about the companies you may wish to deal with.”

Image of letters from america logo

The most recent post features the story of a two-time  Purple Heart recipient.  83 year old U.S. Marine veteran Raymond Mori and his family are battling with Diamond Resorts chain with fraudulent behavior, according to the family.  The Moris were duped into “upgrades,” and now have a mortgage of $2,750 monthly. They are now headed into bankruptcy.  Mr. Mori is 100% disabled.

Read More

Thank you, Irene Parker, and other advocates who are supporting timeshare owners.

  1. T


13 Shocking Secrets of The Timeshare Industry Report

  1. Some timeshares that DO NOT OWN any properties?
  2. What “secret” strategies do resorts use to induce guests to buy the same day?
  3. Are timeshare attorneys and relief companies offering services that timeshare owners can easily do themselves?
  4. Why is it that so many timeshare owners CANNOT USE their own timeshares?
  5. Are major resort chains harboring ILLEGAL TRAVEL CLUBS on their properties?
  6. When timeshare owners trade in their old timeshares, how much do the resorts REALLY GIVE THEM ?
  7. Do timeshare sales managers expect or require their sales staff to LIE?
  8. Do resorts use ILLEGAL PROFILING METHODS to market their timeshares?
  9. What are the TRICKS that resorts use to get consumers to sign legal documents WITHOUT EVER READING THEM
  10. Do new timeshare owners really receive FREE GIFTS for purchasing?
  11. Where can consumers purchase the same timeshare for a FRACTION of what they are selling for at the resort ?
  12. Do consumers who purchase timeshares at all inclusive resorts really GET DISCOUNTS when they use their timeshares?
  13. Can timeshare owners EASILY GET OUT of a timeshare?

Click the link to get your free report and receive a notification once the upcoming  book. EVERYTHING ABOUT TIMESHARES: Before, During and After The Sale is published on Amazon!


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logo for consumer protection

Before you buy, sell or get rid of your timeshare, consider the following timeshare tips from retired attorney Meryl Reyman…


Look on the secondary market first.

If you are interested in buying a timeshare, you may save thousands buying on the resale market. Be fully aware of what you are purchasing and from whom you are buying to ensure a smooth transaction.

Moreover, Make sure you have in writing the terms of the sale and what each side is responsible for paying at closing. Read the contract carefully and ask questions of the seller.

Don’t bow to pressure.

Take time to think about your decision. Ask the salesperson to send you written information about your possible purchase, including a contract that you can review. There is nothing that says you have to sign the first thing that is shown to you. Let the deal breathe before you figure out if it is right for you.

Do your research.

Compare travel savings with online travel services or local travel agents. Also, check out the company with bbb.org.

Act fast if you are not satisfied.

If you sign a contract for a timeshare or travel club, you have a short window to cancel the contract if you don’t like what you purchased. Don’t wait until after you get back from your trip to take a second look at the contract. Research the company you are dealing with or it may be too late.

Also, always pay with a credit card so you can challenge the charge should something go wrong with the purchase.

Do it yourself.

If you want to get out of a timeshare commitment, do the work yourself. First, turn to the property from which you purchased the deed to see if there is a deed-back program in place.

However, if that does not work, you may have to turn to the resale market. You likely will have to make a deal with a buyer to sell the timeshare. That option often is still cheaper than dealing with a resale or liquidation company.  They may charge you thousands of dollars to do the same work for you.

Don’t Finance A Vacation

… or any Luxury Item AT 12% TO 19% and don’t believe a word a timeshare sales agent says. As the St. Louis BBB recommends, check with a licensed secondary market resale broker. We recommend contacting a member of the Licensed Timeshare Resale Broker Association before buying any timeshare.   http://www.licensedtimeshareresalebrokers.org/

Timeshare is a multi-billion dollar industry propelled by powerful lobby dollars. The media needs to help the public by shining a light on the deceptive practices. This way, consumers can make an educated decision as to whether the timeshare product makes sense for them.


Timeshare Owner Advocate Groups

Inside Timeshare, and Timeshare Advocacy Group™, whose mission is to shine a spotlight on the timeshare industry. They have received about the same high number of complaints directed against Florida, Nevada, Missouri, Hawaii, California, and Virginia sales centers. Of these states, only Nevada and Florida have routinely dismissed the customer by falling back on the oral representation clause.

For more information, please contact me at: Merrey@cox.net or Timeshare Advocacy Group™:https://www.facebook.com/timeshareadvocategroup/

Meryl Reyman is a retired attorney and former senior executive of a large marketing/advertising agency located in New York City. Meryl. She is  now a resident of Henderson, NV. She successfully rescinded a timeshare contract after learning little of what the sales agent said was true.

Thank you to Meryl for your advocacy efforts. If you or someone you know needs help with a timeshare concern, contact one of these self-help groups that Inside Timeshare feels is not industry influenced. – Irene Parker








About Inside Timeshare

This week Inside Timeshare has received many more complaints from disgruntled US members. These have been passed on to our Advocacy teams who are now working with them to sort out their problems.

Additionally, we have also been receiving many requests for information from our European readers. The bulk have been from the UK and all revolve around the growing claims and cancellation business. Most of the requests are about the many companies that we have already highlighted. It will not be long before a few new names start to emerge.

The unfortunate thing is that there are some genuine law firms working very hard to help owners who are stuck in the timeshare rut, but how do you sort out which is which?

Moreover, If you have been contacted by any company or have found one on the internet and want to know the truth about them, use our contact page and we will point you in the right direction.

Finally, remember doing your homework will always save you a whole lot of stress, plus it will also keep your money where it should be, in your bank!


axbutton id=”3″ ]

13 Shocking Secrets of The Timeshare Industry Report

Click the link to get your free report and receive a notification once the upcoming  book. EVERYTHING ABOUT TIMESHARES: Before, During and After The Sale is published on Amazon!


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Timeshare Whistleblowers Attend Summit

by Irene Parker

animation of timeshare whistleblower being targeted

whistleblower is a person who exposes any kind of information or activity that is deemed illegal, unethical, or not correct within an organization that is either private or public. The information of alleged wrongdoing can be classified in many ways: violation of company policy/rules, law, regulation, or threat to public interest/national security, as well as fraud, and corruption.

Those who become whistleblowers can choose to bring information or allegations to surface either internally or externally. Internally, a whistleblower can bring her accusations to the attention of other people within the accused organization. Externally, a whistleblower can bring allegations to light by contacting a third party outside of an accused organization such as the media, government, law enforcement, or those who are concerned. Whistleblowers, however, take the risk of facing stiff reprisal and retaliation from those who are accused or alleged of wrongdoing.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whistleblower

I had the privilege of attending the Whistleblowers Summit held July 30 – August 1 in Washington DC. A frequent comment Charles Thomas and I hear from timeshare members, after describing how they were defrauded by unscrupulous timeshare sales agents is, “It helps to know I am not alone.” That’s how I felt meeting and listening to fellow whistleblowers.


One remarkable whistleblower at the Whistleblowers Summit was Aaron Westrick, Ph.D. Dr. Westrick, former Director for Research and Marketing at Second Chance Body, received a Pillar Award for exposing defective bulletproof vests. One police officer died and another injured when the vests did not hold up. Dr. Westrick explained how he had been fired from his company for exposing corruption and how he endured a 14 year legal battle as a result of his truth telling.

Get Your FREE Report, 13 Shocking Secrets The Timeshare Industry Does Not Want You To Know

13 Shocking Secrets of The Timeshare Industry Report




When it was suggested I attend the Whistleblowers Summit, I thought I was attending on behalf of 68 members of law enforcement and military, veterans and active duty, who reached out to Inside Timeshare describing how they had been defrauded by timeshare sales agents. Veteran Administration whistleblowers were well represented. However, in the last few weeks, I have learned that I am a target of retaliation as a result of my attempts to expose fraud.

Inside Timeshare has heard from 528 timeshare members angry beyond words. I believe highly educated, professional timeshare members alleging fraud over the timeshare sales agents they accuse. There are too many patterns of identical complaints and too many repeat offenders to be ignored. We have been contacted by senior after senior, up-sold into foreclosure. The foreclosure process is demeaning and demoralizing. For the young, unwittingly signing a perpetual contract with no secondary market, the credit downgrade is long lasting.

Two timeshare members are working on their own articles.

One member attended a timeshare presentation in Las Vegas. According to the member, he told the sales agent his wife purchased a deeded timeshare week 18 years ago and he had hated the timeshare for 18 years. He explained that he had never attended a timeshare presentation until this presentation, which he attended only to learn how to exit. The sales agent told him that in order to be eligible for the voluntary surrender program he would need to convert his deed to points. This was blatantly false. Many deeded timeshare members have surrendered their deed. The sales agent sold the member $12,000 worth of points for no reason. Worse, the timeshare company requires a six month waiting period before applying for a surrender, to capture 2019 maintenance fees.

Past articles have mentioned timeshare customer service representatives responding to members, “We are not responsible for what our sales agents say.” After we published this response, the line was changed to, “It sounds like a he said, she said,” as this member was told.

The other timeshare member was also up-sold by a Las Vegas timeshare agent. Six months ago a disabled veteran recorded a blatantly fraudulent up-sell. The recording was so obviously fraudulent you would have assumed the agent would be fired. Not so. Inside Timeshare received a complaint this week from a timeshare member reporting they had been defrauded by this same timeshare sales agent and that the sales agent told the member he was assigned to the highest loyalty level members. Two sales agents with this distinction had been fired, but only after years of complaints.

Wells Fargo made national headlines when they admitted allowing their representatives to open bogus accounts. It’s annoying to have an unauthorized credit card opened, but timeshare members report being defrauded out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Complaints involving $100,000 to $200,000 are not uncommon.

In the case of Wells Fargo, at least victims could file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection BureauTimeshare buyers could not effectively file a CFPB complaint because the timeshare company services the loan. The filer has to select a lender from the CFPB drop down menu and a timeshare company is not a choice.

It doesn’t matter what you are blowing the whistle on. I learned at the Whistleblowers Summit you can expect retaliation. In the case of Wells Fargo whistleblower Jessie Guiltron:

Jessie Guitron began working for Wells Fargo in 2008. Soon after, though, she realized they all faced a company-mandated quota to sign up new accounts. Some of her colleagues, she noticed, were promising to open free accounts for clients but signing them up for premium accounts which came with hefty fees. Customers were overdrawn, and their credit ruined.

“I kept complaining and complaining, and nothing ever gets done,” Guitron says. “I was doing what my conscience was telling me to do. It’s fraud. That’s what it is.”

Trying to stop that fraud put a target on her back. She was fired in 2010, she says, without warning. Unable to find a new job and believing she had been blackballed, Guitron filed a lawsuit claiming Wells Fargo fired her for speaking out against the fraudulent practices she witnessed.

But then, two years later, her claims against Wells Fargo were dismissed.

“I was deflated,” Guitron says. “I was like, ‘OK, I’m done.’”

In 2016, the world around her changed when the government accused Wells Fargo Bank of opening numerous accounts without their clients’ consent.  


Like Bernie Madoff, unscrupulous timeshare sales agents and unscrupulous timeshare companies don’t care who they hurt. It is our hope that someday, some regulator will listen and respond. All timeshare complaints filed by our readers with the Nevada and Florida Attorneys General offices have been dismissed with, “You have no proof” or “You should not have relied on verbal representations.” In effect, there is no timeshare regulation in those states, at least not for the 528 members reporting back to us. Echoing the timeshare company’s “You have no proof,” provides a green light for fraud.

Like other whistleblowers, I have no regrets and would do nothing different. I would rather be attacked than ignored to shed light on so many responsible families financially devastated by decades of predatory, aggressive and fraudulent timeshare sales. Of course there are honest timeshare sales agents and happy timeshare members. Of course not all sales agents are dishonest, but researching Attorneys General investigations, lawsuits and complaints, Charles and I are not alone in our desire to take back our vacations. If only the developers and their law firms would take off the blinders. Charles and I know truth is our best defense.

If you have a question or concern about a timeshare, contact Inside Timeshare or an advocacy group.

We seek to provide timeshare members a way to proactively address membership concerns; to advocate for timeshare reform; to obtain greater disclosure from the company; to advocate for a viable secondary market; and to educate prospective buyers.







Related articles:

How to File a Timeshare Complaint


The St. Louis Better Business Bureau Timeshare Report


Thank you Irene, I know that you found the Whistleblowers Summit very intriguing and made many new contacts there. It is through people like those mentioned here that the truth is made public, without them large corporations and governments would get away with murder. Keep up the good work.

That’s it for this week, Friday is here and the weekend is about to start, time for the beach, pool and BBQ’s, have a great weekend and join us again next week.


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13 Shocking Secrets of The Timeshare Industry Report

  1. Some timeshares that DO NOT OWN any properties?
  2. What “secret” strategies do resorts use to induce guests to buy the same day?
  3. Are timeshare attorneys and relief companies offering services that timeshare owners can easily do themselves?
  4. Why is it that so many timeshare owners CANNOT USE their own timeshares?
  5. Are major resort chains harboring ILLEGAL TRAVEL CLUBS on their properties?
  6. When timeshare owners trade in their old timeshares, how much do the resorts REALLY GIVE THEM ?
  7. Do timeshare sales managers expect or require their sales staff to LIE?
  8. Do resorts use ILLEGAL PROFILING METHODS to market their timeshares?
  9. What are the TRICKS that resorts use to get consumers to sign legal documents WITHOUT EVER READING THEM
  10. Do new timeshare owners really receive FREE GIFTS for purchasing?
  11. Where can consumers purchase the same timeshare for a FRACTION of what they are selling for at the resort ?
  12. Do consumers who purchase timeshares at all inclusive resorts really GET DISCOUNTS when they use their timeshares?
  13. Can timeshare owners EASILY GET OUT of a timeshare?

Click the link to get your free report and receive a notification once the upcoming  book. EVERYTHING ABOUT TIMESHARES: Before, During and After The Sale is published on Amazon!


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FULL REPORT – 13 Shocking Secrets The Timeshare Industry Does Not Want You To Know

13 Shocking Secrets of The Timeshare Industry Report

Get your full report on what the timeshare industry does not want the general public to know.

Sample Secrets

1. Many timeshare companies do not own the properties they sell

2. Timeshare in some countries are operating as illegal businesses

3. The reason many timeshare owners cannot get into their own resorts is because the inventory has already been sold out – many times over

4. Timeshare owners who trade in one timeshare for another get zero trade in – 100% of the time

5. Many timeshare managers expect or demand that their sales and marketing staff lie to clients, or else

6. Racial, religious, gender, and sexual preference profiling is a common marketing tool

7. Most timeshare owners can simply walk away from their unwanted timeshare without any legal or credit hassles.



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Image of serene beack scene

Hello, Wayne! This is Ofnilieta from Redweek from the topic “I am a former TIMESHARE employee in Mexico” and I am contacting you  and pleading for your help in regards to this matter.

My family and I are Canadian citizens and we already sent our cancellation letter during the rescission period by courier and registered mail. The name of the resort I signed the timeshare contract is Sunset Royal Beach Resort. My cancellation letter has been received as per the tracking number and numerous phone calls with the Mexican resort. The person I spoke with refused my cancellation. After a few emails, the resort responded this way:

“Due to your request here what we are going to do. We will go ahead and cancel your contract but you will have to pay for the services you use. Is a grand total of $2,970.00usd. You will find the document you sign in the attachment. Have a great day.”

I am certain that you know how and what tactics they used to get us sign their timeshare contract including the services mentioned above which were offered to us. The signed  document is entitled Tour Move In and this is what it says:


how to get out of a timeshare, redweek timeshare book


“Dear New Member,
It is our pleasure to let you know that in virtue of your new membership status we are providing accommodation for _4_ day(s) and _3_ night(s) at the _S. Royal_ hotel, as well as an All Inclusive package for _6_ people.
These services normally have a cost of $ _2,340_ USD, according to the rack rate for the service provided to our non-member guests.

Also, as an additional benefit, you will be receiving a tour to _spa_ for _6_people with a regular cost of $_630 usd_.

This service will have no cost for you as a new member, as a   first-visit incentive, and in the understanding that if you decide to give up your status as a member, it will have a cost.”

The person attached the said document in his email and highlighted this sentence:  This service will have no cost for you as a new member, as a   first-visit incentive, and in the understanding that if you decide to give up your status as a member, it will have a cost.

The sales agent did mention that these are gifts during the phone call.

How do we go around this? Do we really need to pay this?

Your reply and help on this matter is greatly appreciated.


Ofnilieta A.

I am so sorry this happened to you.  I used to work at Royal Sunset in Cancun. Complete scam.   
The resort has been sold out for more than 20 years.  They have no inventory to sell.  Yet, they continue to sell year after year.
This type of offer is usually part of the agreement when you sign up.  It is an incentive to sign up, but was included in your closing costs.  You just didn’t know. They will move you in, but if you cancel, you must pay rack rates. 
Contact your credit card company immediately and file a dispute.  Explain in your dispute that you have since learned that they resort is a scam and there are thousands of complaints, and they wouldn’t let you go unless you purchased something.  Click here. Also, visit this site.  Click here. They are selling for as little as $1.00. 
In the dispute, you decided to rescind your contract based on what you learned. Get ahead of the game. They will usually not chase you as they generate more than $250,000 in sales daily – with no inventory. Don’t call them again.  Let them come to you. There is no invoice for the charges for your credit card company.  This is simply a civil matter.  You are Canadian and there is nothing they can or will do – except cry out to your credit card company. If they contact you, this indicates that they cannot go anywhere with this.  
Timeshares are a good buy, if you know how and where to buy. I bought two years ago and travel around the world. Don’t let this occurrence shake you. 
I am writing a tell all book about the timeshare industry.  One of the sections includes where and where not to buy.  NEVER on a sales presentation. 
If you want to be placed on the mailing list,  Ofnilieta,  when published – Click here
Otherwise, best of luck!


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image of women in white clothing with hands out taking in seaside city view


For those of you who are frustrated by  your timeshare, and are thinking of how to get out of a timeshare, think twice. There are some options you might have forgotten, or might not know about.

Consider All Your Options Before Trying To Get Out of A Timeshare

Before you think about how to get out of a timeshare, consider the many options for you to travel the world regardless of where you own or what you own.  Even if you own an off season week in the Poconos Mountains of Pennsylvania, you can have great vacations in lots of places around the world.

Understandably, many timeshare owners get frustrated when their own  property, or the property where they want to exchange into is unavailable.  What they don’t consider are the places that are available which could be more than enough for many families.

I guarantee that if you know how to use your timeshare and your exchange opportunities, there are many places that you can explore.

It doesn’t matter where you own or what season, there are many places that are at your fingertips.

how to get out of a timeshare, the redweek timeshare book

1. Focus More on What is Available

Rather than focus on what is not available within your own resort or through the exchange system,  why don’t you focus on what is available. No sense trying to figure out how to get out of a timeshare. You must review what is available to you during the time you want to go, and your vacation budget.

For example, you might be thinking of taking a nice vacation in the Swiss Alps when there is an abundance of availability in the Colorado Rockies or Canadian Rockies, or Whistlers, Canada where they have great skiing in the winters and lots of outdoor fun in the summer and fall seasons.

A couple that had purchased a timeshare from me complained that they couldn’t get a week in Hawaii, which is one of the most difficult places to exchange into.  They were adamant on exchanging into Hawaii.

I did a little research for them and discovered that San Pedro, Belize had availability. It boasts  having the second largest barrier reef in the world and the snorkeling and diving is out of this world. I called them and suggested this to them.


how to get rid of a timeshare, the redweek timeshare book


They took my advice, contacted me after their vacation and thanked me.  It was less expensive, less crowded, as beautiful and more fun than Hawaii would have been.

There are some places where there is always availability, regardless of the season and where you own.

Mexico is a great place for family vacations and there is an abundance of availability in Cancun, Puerta Vallarta, and Cabo San Lucas. The Mexican government is pouring billions of dollars into tourism and continue to build family fun resorts and attractions throughout the country.

Florida always has availability regardless when you go.  You don’t have to visit Orlando or Disney as there are so many places that you can explore without visiting any of the theme parks.

Dominican Republic boasts beautiful beaches and lots of attractions throughout the country to explore, and there is always availability although most resorts are all inclusive.

If you can travel to Europe, Spain always boasts lots of availability in the Canary Islands.

how to get out of a timeshare, the redweek timeshare book

2. Exchange Your Timeshare Directly With Other Owners

RCI and Interval International are the two largest timeshare exchange companies in the world, but not the only. So, before you think about how to get out of a timeshare, consider alternative sites. 

Most timeshare owners think that they have to use the exchange network that the resort signs them up to when they make their purchase.  This is not the case, at all.

Members can exchange their timeshare with many other exchange networks that might be more suitable for their purposes, and a lot less expensive.

how to get out of a timeshare, the redweek timeshare book

Did you know that you can exchange your timeshare for another location without going through an exchange network?.  Yes.  There are many homeowners and timeshare owners who would love to use your timeshare.

This process requires little or no fees, just a heads up to your home resort that somebody else is going to taking your place.

The Timeshare Users Group has a free internal exchange system where owners can list their timeshares for other owners to view and exchange.

Dae Live has a system where timeshare owners can exchange with each other. When an owner deposits their timeshare into the “bank,” they get a credit that can be used to vacation at another resort.. There is no membership fee, but a small exchange fee once confirmed.

Platinum Interchange boats 1300 resorts worldwide that you can exchange into.

Worldwide Timeshare Exchange is a UK based independent exchange company that boasts lots of availability in Europe.

Visit these sites and look at all your options before trying to get out of a timeshare that doesn’t work.  Also, don’t deposit your time into your current exchange system until you look around.

3. Trade Your Timeshare On A Home Exchange Network

There are many home exchange networks with members who want to visit other places without having to pay exorbitant fees.  These member based networks promote properties around the world, and include travelers who want to stay for a week or longer. In essence, you can trade your timeshare, or your home to travel to other places for a small membership fee.

An article in the Guardian newspaper includes the 10 of the best  home-swap and home-sharing sites. Who know,s you just might end up somewhere you never considered.

4. Rent Your Timeshare on Airbnb

Many savvy timeshare owners are listing their timeshares on Airbnb and getting lots of business, depending on their location.

Members are listing photos of the rooms, suite and property amenities, area attractions and other interesting information.

5. Travel Off Season

Also, you might consider going during off season.  I stayed at the Marriott’s Village d’ile-de-France just outside of Paris for only $199.00 per week in a two-bedroom townhouse through Interval International.  Their nightly rate was $300.00 per night at that time.

The key here is to think outside of the box and focus on where you can go. You might just find interests that you have never considered exploring before.

Since skiing is their high season, try going to these beautiful locations during the off season.  The area is usually less crowded, less lines to wait in, and better service.



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image of pool and chairs at luxury beach resort

Why You Can’t Exchange Where and When You Want To Go

There are several reasons why many timeshare owners cannot get the exchange they would like, which is why do many are trying to figure out how to get rid of a timeshare. This information is featured in my book, THE RED WEEK TIMESHARE BOOK which will be released on August 1, 2018.

Many timeshares are not timeshares

Many of the timeshare developers do not own much inventory because they don’t own the hotels.  They simply rent out some rooms, set up a sales centre, and sell as much as they would like.

I worked for one resort in Cancun that was sold out for ten years and yet, the sales room was packed with new prospects attending the sales presentation and buying.  They were generating hundreds of thousands of dollars daily – without  inventory to sell.

Unfortunately, these timeshares end up on the exchange company’s website as a timeshare property when, by definition, it is not. So, timeshare owners think that they can get in because they think that the entire resort is a timeshare.

Supply and Demand

Your exchange depends solely on two things, and two things only; The supply and demand of where you own, and the supply and demand of where you want to exchange into.

The supply and demand of the resort where you own

Depending on where you own will determine where you can and cannot go. Whether your resort is a Gold Crown or not will not determine your exchange power.  It has to do with how many people want to come to your resort the week that you own?  Is it a high demand area.  How many others resorts are there to choose from?

Orlando represents has many timeshares that area spread out in the area, and there are many four and five star resorts. However, if you purchase there because you want to a Disney theme park, you might be disappointed when you try to exchange into somewhere like Paris, or New York City.

It has to do with how many timeshare owners in your area want to exchange into the same place.  With a plethora of timeshares, thought in a high demand destination, you are competing with too many other timeshare owners.

The illusion here is when consumers visit a place like Disney and buy their timeshare while they are in Orlando.  Once the kids grow up and nobody wants to go to Orlando,  everybody is trying to exchange into other locations and cannot. Too much supply and everybody is trying to get out.

If you owned at the Manhattan Club across from Carnegie Hall in New York City where there are two or three timeshares, your chances of getting into Paris are much higher because of the low supply and high demand that New York City carries.

how to exchange my timeshare

Moreover,  depending on what season, unit size you own your timeshare will also determine your exchange power. This is the problem I see with the points systems as the points are generally attached to a deed which represents a week, unit and size. If there is not a demand for your unit during that time, your exchange power is weak. If you can get in with your points, you probably will not be able to stay an entire week.

The supply and demand of the area where you want to exchange to

The supply and demand of where you want to go is also a factor when trying to exchange into a place like New York City or Paris that has little timeshares. You are competing with other members who too want to visit these high demand locations.

Points Are Just Hot Air

how to exchange my timeshare

Additionally, if you purchase or convert to a points based system, you really do not know what you really own or what is being traded.

Although the resort tells you that your points can get you anywhere anytime,  keep in mind that the points (within the U.S.) are attached to a deed, which means to a specific week and a specific unit. If your deed is in an off season, this may be why you cannot trade.

Also, where is your deeded located?  Did you pay a lesser price and the deed is in an area that has little exchange power?

How to get rid of a timeshare, the redweek timeshare book

Read the paperwork

Look at the paperwork, discover what you really own, and never buy at a timeshare sales presentation because you are buying on their terms, not yours. You want to make sure that you have all the information before making a timeshare purchase anywhere. Otherwise, you will spend energy trying to figure  out how to get rid of a timeshare.

Review the timeshare forums

Redweek.com and TUG2.com have great forums for timeshare owners, in case you didn’t know.  They discuss their experiences within the industry and with particular resorts.

I must admit that many are discussing ways on how to get rid of a timeshare, but they are real experiences on particular resorts.

how to get rid of a timeshare, the redweek timeshare book


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DO NOT UPGRADE YOUR TIMESHARE – Unless you consider all your options

women handing sales associate credit card to make purchaseHi,

I saw you on Tug and wanted to know if you could answer a few questions?  I own now at Vistana in Orlando, love the resort and bought resale in 1999, have used exchanges with RCI since Sheraton will not talk to me because resale.  I am now looking at Hilton @ Marbrisa resale, like Carlsbad and close to my adult children. so here are the questions ( I am a widow and retired so fixed income).

Should I buy gold or Platinum from resale?
Do i need to really own a second week or should I just rent? Or try last call?
Is Marbrisa a better deal since its new and the others in Carlsbad are older properties? Location overlooks legoland and i do not have grandchildren.
will Hilton give me a hard time like Sheraton about trading since i did not buy from them?

Have a trip to HI planned next year, was thinking of buying Hilton package in Honolulu, since I know I would NOT buy there. always need 2 bedroom unit
Should I take the Hilton time share presentation to get the discount and be informed.Thank you for any input.
Janet H.

I would be happy to advise you from my personal experience. I am going to advise you as if you were a relative, if that is OK.

Firstly, because you are a ‘fixed income,” you might consider not making another purchase as you will be now responsible for two financial commitments. If you want to purchase the Hilton in Carlsbad, I would only purchase a fixed week, if they offer it. Otherwise, that last thing you want to hear it it is “not available.”

Secondly, in terms of upgrading within any resort packages, I would not, as upgrades are typically ways to get more money with no real guarantees. Sort of like buying a Porsche when all you need is a Buick to get you where you want to go.  

As you mentioned, you can always rent on VRBO as many owners just want someone to pay their maintenance fee, and you can negotiate with the owner. Also,  use getaways or last calls, although they are not always there when you want them. 


Thirdly, resorts do not like when their owners buy on the resale market, but there is nothing they can do.  If they treat you badly, it only proves that you are a smart buyer. 

Fourthly, resorts DO NOT give any discounts on the sales presentation.  It is all fluff. There is a bottom line where they will go in order to make the sale. Never buy at a sales presentation, is my advise.   Unless you plan on visiting Hawaii every year, why spend all your “fixed income” for something you can rent whenever you want.  

If there is anything else I can do for you, please don’t hesitate to ask.
Best of luck, Janet. 
how to get rid of a timeshare, the redweek timeshare book
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THE BEST TIMESHARES TO BUY – Why You Should Not Convert To Points

best timeshare to buy


I saw your post on TUGBBS about advising not to convert to points

We have two timeshares. Both are at Holiday Hills in Branson. I called today to ask how I can basically dump them. They gave me three options. One was to convert to points. Honestly, it sounded pretty good until I saw your post. I usually trade with RCI and am frustrated with the lack of availability at RCI, and I’m just plain tired of the maintenance fees. Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated. Another of the three options was to deed it back to Silverleaf, which I am seriously considering.

Thank you.

Leslie L.
Skiatook, Oklahoma

Sorry, that you are having these problems. I’ll see if I can assist you.

I am a former timeshare sales and marketing executive with 15 years in the industry, and currently writing a book that will provide all the information that you will need regarding anything about timeshare and your options.

Get on my mailing list .When the book is published on August 1, 2018 with Amazon, I will notify you.

My advise, DO NOT convert to points. Regardless of what they tell you, when you convert to points, they are still attached to your deed – week and location. The point system is a scam and are not in the best interest of the timeshare owner, only the developer. It will cost you anywhere from $4,000 to $8,000 per timeshare to convert, and your availability WILL NOT change. In fact, when you convert, you will not longer be guaranteed to get into your home resort when you want to. The best timeshares to buy is always a deeded timeshare. 

Moreover, you will have to pay additional fees each time you use your points.

Your availability always has to do with the supply and demand of your resort, and the supply and demand of the resort where you want to exchange.

So ask yourself, out of the whole world of RCI, how many people want to go to Branson?

I used to work for Holiday Inn Club Vacations in Las Vegas after they purchased Silverleaf properties. All have NO global trading power. Never have, never will. They purchase properties with poor trading power and try to sell it to a local demographic. They’re great if you want to go to Branson. But seriously, did you buy it for that? No.

My first question, sir, is to ask you why you purchased it in the first place? In my 15 years of working for resorts, I find that most owners DO NOT know how to use their timeshare, which is why they get frustrated. My book shows how you can travel around the world.

Before you do anything, please read my book. It reveals all the secrets that resorts do not want you to know. You do have more options.

Best of luck, Sir.

Wayne C. Robinson
Author, Speaker, Film Producer

The Best Timeshares To Buy

A deeded timeshare is always the best timeshares to buy as you have control of when and where you vacation.

When you purchase a points system timeshare, you lose control and you will spend a lot money money than you ever expected.

Most timeshares companies are coercing their owners to convert t a points system.  Some of telling them that they have to convert.  This is a lie and the resorts should be shut down.

Any timeshare sales person knows that the best timeshares to buy is always a deeded timeshare where you know what you own.

best timeshares to buy


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how to get out of a timeshare

Why You Should Never Buy a Timeshare on a Sales Presentation

One of the worst things a consumer can do to his financial future and sanity is to purchase a timeshare on a sales presentation. You might just find yourself spending time and money trying to figure out how to get out of a timeshare.

Most consumers attend a sales presentation because they were invited through the mail, on the phone, or while on vacation. They are usually unprepared for a high pressure sales presentation, and lured by the gifts offered by the resorts.

Depending on where you attend your sales presentation will determine your chances of purchasing.

For example, if you attend a sales presentation within two to three hours from your home, your chances of purchasing are about 10% – 15%.

how to get out of a timeshare

However, if you are on vacation your chances of purchasing will rise up to 35%, for two reasons:

  1. You are already on vacation spending money.  The sales personnel  are  trained to convince you that a luxury  suite is less than what you are already paying.  And, if you purchase that day, they will pay for all your excursions and even your next vacation.
  2. During the sales presentation, they will romance you with their property, the resorts that you can visit around the world, and the beautiful suites that you and your family would be enjoying should you become members. Additionally, you will witness other families purchasing on the spot.  So, why not?

how to get out of a timeshare

Here is some great advice from an experienced timeshare sales and marketing professional. This advise could save you thousands of dollars and years of headaches:

1. Do Your Research on The Timeshare Company

how to get out of a timeshare

  • Know everything about the company before you do business
  • Review  the online customer reviews on Tripadvisor or other travel sites
  • Review complaint boards (i.e. BBB) before you buy, to learn about other people’s experiences
  • Visit the forums in Redweek.com or TUG2.com and ask timeshare owners their about experiences
  • Make sure that they show you in writing the rescission clause which states the timeshare you have to cancel should you change your mind.  The last thing you want to do is spend your time trying to figure out how to get out of a timeshare.

2. Make Sure that It is 100% Affordable

how to get out of a timeshare

Timeshare presentations are high pressure sales.  Most guests who inform the sales rep that they are not going to buy, usually end up becoming new owners that same day.   

Make sure that you are not going to spend any more than you are already spending on vacations. 

3. Do Not Buy on Emotion

The timeshare sales presentation is designed to sell on emotion and close on logic. If you consider purchasing, go online to see if you can get a better deal on the resale market.

Most likely,  you can purchase the same timeshare with the same benefits for a fraction of the price..

4. Make Sure You Buy The Right Timeshare For Your Family

how to get out of a timeshare

Decide whether the program they are offering meets your vacation needs.

There are many types of timeshares and you want to assure that you make the right purchase.

Whether you want to use the timeshare to go to the same place or to travel to other destinations, or to visit the beach or you enjoy golf, making the right choice can save you money, time and frustration.

Make sure you under the difference between a fixed, floating, right to use or points system timeshare before you buy.

5. Make Sure It’s Somewhere You Want To Return To

how to get out of a timeshare

If you do not want to hear “there is no availability,” then only buy a deeded timeshare. You can choose where you would like to visit each year. If you are a golfer, you might consider a golf resort. If you like vacationing on a lake, then buy on a lake resort.

A deeded week is your guarantee that you will have that spot every year for life. Should you consider purchasing a points system program, you might be spending more timeshare trying go figure out how to get out of a timeshare.

6. Know The Difference Between Timeshares vs Travel Clubs

What is a timeshare?

There are timeshares and there are travel clubs.  Most people will lump them in the same basket.  However, they are as different as black and white.

Timeshares are generally deeded property and within the U.S., Canada or Europe. You will possess ownership of a real property deed which describes the resort address, unit number, week number, unit size and the owners.

This is something that you can own forever.

You can exchange that deeded week for another week within your own resort, or into another resort through an external exchange system.

What is a travel club?

A travel club is not deeded, but merely an expensive membership usually on properties in Mexico and throughout the Caribbean islands. Some have made their way into the United States and Canada and they should be easy to identify.

With a travel club, you have a right to use a week or more with the company in which you purchased, or you can exchange into an external network to be able to travel around the world.

However, the down side of the  travel club is that it has no resale value. Why?  Because you don’t own anything. It’s just a membership like Costco.  You can try and sell it, but the resale market is flooded with people who just want to get rid of them for some reason or another.

Some travel clubs are hiding behind brand name resorts.

For example.  SECRETS, ZOETRY, BREATHLESS, DREAMS and NOW resorts are a collection by AMResorts.  However, the company that sells the travel clubs on these properties is Unlimited Vacation Club.  They own nothing, but are generating millions of dollars in sales to foreigners. .

The only place that I know of that sells guaranteed weeks outside of the U.S., Canada and Europe is the Royal Resorts in Cancun, Mexico. They have 6 resorts and guaranteed weeks for up to 30 years. After 30 years, you even get your money back.

When I was working there, most owners seemed very happy and would even purchase more weeks.

When you purchase a points system, right to use, or travel club, there simply are no guarantees.

Before making that purchase, CONDUCT YOUR DUE DILIGENCE – RESEARCH.

Remember to also learn how to get out of a timeshare, and if there is a secondary market.  You might find that more time and money will be spent on how to get out of a timeshare.

how to get out of a timeshare

This FREE report will provide shocking secrets that the timeshare industry does not want you to know including how to get out of a timeshare.

  1. Some timeshares that DO NOT OWN any properties?
  2. What “secret” strategies do resorts use to induce guests to buy the same day?
  3. Are timeshare attorneys and relief companies offering services that timeshare owners can easily do themselves?
  4. Why is it that so many timeshare owners CANNOT USE their own timeshares?
  5. Are major resort chains harboring ILLEGAL TRAVEL CLUBS on their properties?
  6. When timeshare owners trade in their old timeshares, how much do the resorts REALLY GIVE THEM ?
  7. Do timeshare sales managers expect or require their sales staff to LIE?
  8. Do resorts use ILLEGAL PROFILING METHODS to market their timeshares?
  9. What are the TRICKS that resorts use to get consumers to sign legal documents WITHOUT EVER READING THEM
  10. Do new timeshare owners really receive FREE GIFTS for purchasing?
  11. Where can consumers purchase the same timeshare for a FRACTION of what they are selling for at the resort ?
  12. Do consumers who purchase timeshares at all inclusive resorts really GET DISCOUNTS when they use their timeshares?
  13. How to GET OUT of a timeshare?

Click the link to get your free report and receive a notification once the upcoming  book. EVERYTHING ABOUT TIMESHARES: Before, During and After The Sale is published on Amazon!




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