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Hello, Wayne! This is Ofnilieta from Redweek from the topic “I am a former TIMESHARE employee in Mexico” and I am contacting you  and pleading for your help in regards to this matter.

My family and I are Canadian citizens and we already sent our cancellation letter during the rescission period by courier and registered mail. The name of the resort I signed the timeshare contract is Sunset Royal Beach Resort. My cancellation letter has been received as per the tracking number and numerous phone calls with the Mexican resort. The person I spoke with refused my cancellation. After a few emails, the resort responded this way:

“Due to your request here what we are going to do. We will go ahead and cancel your contract but you will have to pay for the services you use. Is a grand total of $2,970.00usd. You will find the document you sign in the attachment. Have a great day.”

I am certain that you know how and what tactics they used to get us sign their timeshare contract including the services mentioned above which were offered to us. The signed  document is entitled Tour Move In and this is what it says:


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“Dear New Member,
It is our pleasure to let you know that in virtue of your new membership status we are providing accommodation for _4_ day(s) and _3_ night(s) at the _S. Royal_ hotel, as well as an All Inclusive package for _6_ people.
These services normally have a cost of $ _2,340_ USD, according to the rack rate for the service provided to our non-member guests.

Also, as an additional benefit, you will be receiving a tour to _spa_ for _6_people with a regular cost of $_630 usd_.

This service will have no cost for you as a new member, as a   first-visit incentive, and in the understanding that if you decide to give up your status as a member, it will have a cost.”

The person attached the said document in his email and highlighted this sentence:  This service will have no cost for you as a new member, as a   first-visit incentive, and in the understanding that if you decide to give up your status as a member, it will have a cost.

The sales agent did mention that these are gifts during the phone call.

How do we go around this? Do we really need to pay this?

Your reply and help on this matter is greatly appreciated.


Ofnilieta A.

I am so sorry this happened to you.  I used to work at Royal Sunset in Cancun. Complete scam.   
The resort has been sold out for more than 20 years.  They have no inventory to sell.  Yet, they continue to sell year after year.
This type of offer is usually part of the agreement when you sign up.  It is an incentive to sign up, but was included in your closing costs.  You just didn’t know. They will move you in, but if you cancel, you must pay rack rates. 
Contact your credit card company immediately and file a dispute.  Explain in your dispute that you have since learned that they resort is a scam and there are thousands of complaints, and they wouldn’t let you go unless you purchased something.  Click here. Also, visit this site.  Click here. They are selling for as little as $1.00. 
In the dispute, you decided to rescind your contract based on what you learned. Get ahead of the game. They will usually not chase you as they generate more than $250,000 in sales daily – with no inventory. Don’t call them again.  Let them come to you. There is no invoice for the charges for your credit card company.  This is simply a civil matter.  You are Canadian and there is nothing they can or will do – except cry out to your credit card company. If they contact you, this indicates that they cannot go anywhere with this.  
Timeshares are a good buy, if you know how and where to buy. I bought two years ago and travel around the world. Don’t let this occurrence shake you. 
I am writing a tell all book about the timeshare industry.  One of the sections includes where and where not to buy.  NEVER on a sales presentation. 
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Otherwise, best of luck!


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