Did Diamond Resorts Con These African American Seniors?


how to cancel a timeshare contract

This is a letter is from a disgruntled Diamond Resorts timeshare member who explains the deceptive and unethical practices of Diamond Resorts. 

She has requested our advocates to guide her on how to cancel a timeshare contract. 

-Wayne C. Robinson


September 11, 2018

Gladys L Blake and Betty Butler, Maryland Residents

To: Michael Flaskey, Diamond CEO, DR PR Firm, Barclay’s President’s office, ARDA, ARDA ROC, Association of Vacation Owners, AARP Hospitality:

Our Diamond Resorts Sales Presentation

When we attended the Diamond Resort Sales presentation in Williamsburg, Virginia, Diamond sales agent Craig Thrift told us we would not be paying a maintenance fee because it was included in our mortgage payment, which was a lie.

The assessment fee was not clearly explained, because when they talked about it, Craig Thrift would jump back to no maintenance fee. Craig never mentioned the $2,500 Assessment Fee that would be due August 2016. This was a serious omission.

We were told we had to convert to points due to Diamond acquiring Gold Key October 16, 2016. This was not a requirement, and the decision to do so has led to our foreclosure.

Our Purchase of Diamond Resorts Points

Purchased: Virginia Beach, VA May 17, 2016, 13,000 points purchased. (Diamond Bonus points of 5,250 was given to us but was never shown). Sales Agent: Craig Thrift. Purchase Price: $46,810. Down Payment: $17,973. Final Price after down payment: $28,837.62. Credit Cards – $4,500 each cash payment $8,925(-$75). Trade in value (Gold Key) $9,777.38. Total – $18,702.38. Amount Financed and Interest Rate: $28,107.62 @ 15.06%. Loan Number: Private. Current Loan Balance: $25,650.74 (as of 08/17/18). Name of Credit Card Used for down payment: Barclay Card. Diamond Resorts International World Mastercard.

how to cancel a timeshare contract

January 2016 – We paid the regular maintenance fee to Gold Key Resorts. We had to pay the second maintenance fee after converting to points. We had to pay the $2,500 for Assessment fee to Diamond Resorts August 2016 that had not been disclosed. We had to get a personal loan. The late fees were high. This was when we knew we had made a big mistake by signing with Diamond Resorts and why the bums rush to get us to sign papers to go with the point system.

They said they were giving us 5,250 Diamond Bonus Points for signing – which was never shown in our paperwork per the team in Williamsburg.

May 17, 2016 – First Meeting with Diamond Resort – During the processing period, Craig Thrift sent a young man to help explain the paperwork. He was not clear on a lot of the questions and Craig kept popping in and out during the processing period who brushed aside a lot of our questions. The points system was not fully explained. They said this would take place during our orientation.

After we finished the paperwork, we were escorted downstairs to sign the contract. Craig would pop in wanting to know if anyone had said anything to us. The people downstairs were employees of Gold Key. He seemed very anxious to keep us away from them. I have looked thru my papers. I only have copies of papers with our names and signatures on them, no signatures from Diamond Resorts.

Diamond Resorts Sends Letter Containing False Information

October 18, 2016. We received a letter stating that we had to attend a Mandatory meeting for new members. We went to Williamsburg, Va. That’s when the assessment fee and points were laid out. We were told that 13,000 points would not take us very far. We were given 5,250 Diamond Bonus Points for signing – which was never shown in our paperwork.

Diamond Resorts High Pressure Sales Presentation

They kept us for several hours trying to get us to buy 30,000 points for $144,840. I kept a copy of this which shows the down payment and a monthly payment of $2,355.41. We were told if we left, we would be responsible for paying for the room ($228.00). I told them my sister has diabetes and she needed to eat. No one paid any attention. I asked the sales agent where did she think we could get that kinda of money, her words were, “You both have houses that you could mortgage.” If we were to purchase the 30,000 points, our assessment fee would be $3,151 a year.

During this meeting they tried to put pressure on us to purchase more points, and when one couldn’t get us to purchase, another one would come in the room. This went on for at least 5 hours.

I sent an email to Diamond headquarters to inform them about our meeting and to ask about our Diamond Bonus Points. I also informed them that we would not be buying any more points from Diamond. We are senior citizens (70s) and were very upset that their sales personnel tried to drive us further in debt.

The email from Diamond Resorts thanked me for contacting them. They reviewed our account that showed we did have Diamond Dream Holiday Points in the amount of 5250, only our annual allotment of 13,000 points. Went on to say that the meeting we attended was booked with their Marketing team which does not require us to stay and attend the meeting. Never once did they address the way we were treated.

The Williamsburg visit gave me a clear view of who we were dealing with and I wanted to get free from this group.

We can no longer make personal loans to pay the maintenance fees each year. By the time we pay the loan off, it is time to make another loan for the next maintenance fee. This has created a financial hardship for both of us.

Deception by Diamond Resorts

We were deceived regarding the Maintenance Fee being included in the monthly payment and the omission of not disclosing the assessment fee, the points system was never explained. We were told we had to give up our deed.

We are not able to travel as much due to my sister’s health, she is a diabetic. She also has COPD and heart problems. Her legs swell when traveling, she has Asthma and both of us have High Blood Pressure.
Diamond’s agents were aggressive and misleading.

I have looked thru my papers, and I only have copies with my sister and my name and signatures on them, no signatures from Diamond Resorts.

how to cancel a timeshare contract

Request Diamond Resorts Cancel Our Membership and Return All of our Monies

We are seeking Cancellation of this Loan and a full refund of all the monies ($46, 810.00) that we have given to Diamond Resorts and to cancel the membership forever. We would also like the $9, 777.00 you took as a trade in for our old timeshare. Total ($56,587.00)

Gladys L. Blake, age: 77. Betty B Butler, age: 71. Maryland Residents

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how to cancel a timeshare contract

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