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Why did you write this book?

I wrote the book to educate consumers on the realities of the timeshare industry. Before anyone invests in any timeshare, I would advise them to conduct their due diligence.  Also, current timeshare owners who want to rent, sell or dispose of their unwanted timeshares are being scammed by resale and cancellation companies who are taking their hard-earned dollars. The book, I think, levels the playing field before they do anything with their timeshares.

Why do you find it so necessary to warn consumers when there is already information out there for them to make informed decisions?

Much of the information that I have discovered on timeshare cancellation sites, timeshare complaints sites, timeshare forums, and major news organizations do not provide everything they need to make these “informed” decisions. For example, when you read a news article about timeshares, you rarely ever see anything about the travel clubs in the Caribbean and Mexico that are being purchased by Americans and Canadians every day.  They are the ones who are spending millions of dollars annually with unethical companies who are scamming them into purchasing a timeshare. Most of the information you find focuses on the U.S. timeshare industry. The book will include the travel club scams as well.

Why do you feel qualified to write this book?

I have worked in the timeshare industry for more than 15 years in marketing and sales. The culmination of my career was being hired as a director of sales for Prestige Travelers at Azul Sensatori Resort in Negril, Jamaica. I know the marketing and sales strategies that timeshare companies use to lure consumers into sales presentations. Moreover, I know all the tricks and inside secrets that timeshare companies use to get guests to purchase the same day.  If they know all these, they will not buy.

If you used these strategies before, why should readers believe what you’re saying?

Although I used the strategies, I never felt comfortable lying to consumers as most sales people and managers did. In fact, I was distanced from other sales people and fired twice because I would not support or agree with the lies that they were telling the guests. One resort required that all sales people lie and was written in the presentation. That was the end of my career. Now, I want to educate consumers on what to expect during the sales presentations. If they are current timeshare owners, I want to prevent owners from spending thousands of dollars to dispose of their unwanted timeshares and explain how they can do it themselves.

How else are consumers being scammed besides what is already exposed in the news?

Good question.  Firstly, the travel clubs in Jamaica, Mexico and other Caribbean locations do not have business licenses, and therefore, operate illegally in those countries.  When I worked for Prestige Travelers, they did not have a business license and all the funds were circumventing Jamaican banks into Mexican banks.  The travel clubs operate illegally behind brand name hotel chains, i.e. SECRETS and DREAMS. When I learned of this, I quit. If consumers have legal issues, they have no recourse from the local authorities. In fact, the contracts state that they must go to Panama to resolve any issues or for mediation. I believe that this is illegal. This is not covered in the news media.

Secondly, the travel clubs do not own the resorts, they rent rooms from the brand name resort chains.  That is why many members are complaining that they cannot get into their own resorts, there simply is no inventory. When consumers pay an average of $21,000 for a membership and can’t get in or are paying more than the public, I consider it a scam. I get emails from people who have paid more than $50,000 and are walking away because they can’t use them.

Is the author a timeshare attorney or timeshare solutions company?

No.  The  author is merely an experienced timeshare sales and marketing rep who has sold timeshares for over 15 years. He is neither an attorney, a timeshare reseller, a timeshare cancellation service, a professional consultant and no longer holds any professional title regarding the timeshare industry.

He does not charge for any services outside the cost of book. He is a timeshare consumer advocate who now represents consumers who are looking for answers to their timeshare questions.

From time to time, the author does receive emails from consumers who have questions about the timeshare industry, and often times problems that they are having with their timeshares. He will make suggestions to them on what they can and cannot do.  Again, he is a timeshare consumer advocate.

How do we know whether the information is accurate or not?

The author has worked for several resorts in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Caribbean Islands as a successful sales and marketing rep and then as director of sales and marketing. He is quite familiar with each timeshare program, what they can and cannot do, and the contracts related documents

He has been trained by many resorts and by RCI, Interval International and independent timeshare sales trainers.

The author has worked in the sales room and familiar with all the tricks and secrets used by timeshare management that consumers are not supposed to know about before, during and after the sale.  The greed factor to get consumers on a timeshare presentation are the gifts.  The greed factors for the resorts is the profit – regardless, and they use many effective strategies which is truly a science.

Even during his career in the timeshare industry, the author always operated with integrity.  The contents of his book are no different.

What is your return policy?

Return any physical book purchased on Amazon  — no questions asked–within 30 days of purchase. Unfortunately,  we do not refund any Ebook purchases.

Do you ship oversees and to P.O. boxes?

Yes, we’ll ship your package anywhere that can accept deliveries. You must pay the appropriate shipping charges.

Do you have customer service?

The site is operated by the author and his email is available 24/7 for any questions or concerns although he travels worldwide quite often.

Is the author affiliated with Redweek, sellmytimesharenow, or TUG2 or any other timeshare users forum or timeshare resort company or association?

No, the author is not affiliated with any forums or timeshare resort company or associations, including Redweek.

Why does the book cost more than the PDF, and why don’t you offer a refund for the PDF?

Great question. We must pay the cost to print the book. With the PDF, there is no printing cost.




13 Shocking Secrets of The Timeshare Industry Report


  1. Which  timeshare companies DO NOT OWN any properties?
  2. What “secret” strategies do resorts use to induce guests to buy the same day?
  3. Are timeshare attorneys and relief companies offering services that timeshare owners can easily do themselves?
  4. Why is it that so many timeshare owners CANNOT USE their own timeshares?
  5. Are major resort chains harboring ILLEGAL TRAVEL CLUBS on their properties?
  6. When timeshare owners trade in their old timeshares, how much do the resorts REALLY GIVE THEM ?
  7. Do timeshare sales managers expect or require their sales staff to LIE?
  8. Do resorts use ILLEGAL PROFILING METHODS to market their timeshares?
  9. What are the TRICKS that resorts use to get consumers to sign legal documents WITHOUT EVER READING THEM
  10. Do new timeshare owners really receive FREE GIFTS for purchasing?
  11. Where can consumers purchase the same timeshare for a FRACTION of what they are selling for at the resort ?
  12. Do consumers who purchase timeshares at all inclusive resorts really GET DISCOUNTS when they use their timeshares?
  13. Can timeshare owners EASILY GET OUT of a timeshare?

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