Irene Parker’s 13 Other Shocking Secrets the Timeshare Industry Does Not Want You To Know


Shocking Secrets of The Timeshare Industry That Consumers Will Want To Know

Man being arrested in handcuffs
Man in handcuffs being arrested

There ARE Many Timeshare Secrets

There are many timeshare industry secrets that consumers are not supposed to know about. Some of these secrets are so protected that if consumers knew about them, many resorts would have to shut down.

Nevertheless, a former timeshare sales person decided to share these shocking secrets to educate the consumers.

He has spent enough of his time and talents working for these resorts. Now it’s time to use them for the consumers.

Professional man giving speech to audience who want to learn the secrets of the timeshare industry
Professional man giving speech to audience

Know Your Legal Rights Before, During and After The Timeshare Sale – Know them well

You can sue a  timeshare company that doesn’t live up to the contract. Demand for your legal rights which are protected by the local governments.  Ask for some or all of your money back.

Moreover, many timeshare sales and marketing reps will lie to make a sale.  This is illegal and in violation of many states’ real estate commissions ethics.

Learn your legal rights as a consumer before you buy, sell or get rid of your timeshare.


gavel being hit by judge
Gavel being hits by judge

Do you really want to buy a timeshare?

Are you serious about buying a timeshare? There are some places where you would never want to buy a timeshare.  If you do, you will regret it.

So, it’s important to know the best and the worse places to invest in a timeshare.

Don’t pay thousands of dollars for a timeshare when you can get that same one for as little as $1.00.

Additionally, you can take your time looking for the perfect timeshare, depending on your needs.

It’s all in the report, 13 Shocking Secrets The Timeshare Industry Does Not Want You To Know.

What timeshare secrets do you really need to know about?

There are some timeshare secrets that consumers need to know about before they buy, sell or get rid of their timeshares. One of them is that timeshare resorts will charge consumers thousands of dollars more than what they can get on the Internet.  It’s all in this report.

Another industry secret – when timeshare owners trade in their old timeshares, they get NOTHING in return.  It’s all in the GAME.

Golfers on the green
Golfers on the green

Get The FULL Report

Former timeshare executive, Wayne C. Robinson, shares the industry secrets in his report, secrets that they do not want consumers to know about.

This report is the precursor for his book, EVERYTHING ABOUT TIMESHARES: Before, During and After The Sale.

Irene Parker’s 13 Other shocking insider secrets are about tricky sales tactics, unethical contract issues, travel club scams, trade in scams and much more.

Therefore, it is important for you to know what to expect when attending a sales presentation.

Moreover, learn how the resorts get consumers to buy on the same day without ever reading the contracts.

Read this 2nd SHOCKING report


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