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Why You Can’t Exchange Where and When You Want To Go

There are several reasons why many timeshare owners cannot get the exchange they would like, which is why do many are trying to figure out how to get rid of a timeshare. This information is featured in my book, THE RED WEEK TIMESHARE BOOK which will be released on August 1, 2018.

Many timeshares are not timeshares

Many of the timeshare developers do not own much inventory because they don’t own the hotels.  They simply rent out some rooms, set up a sales centre, and sell as much as they would like.

I worked for one resort in Cancun that was sold out for ten years and yet, the sales room was packed with new prospects attending the sales presentation and buying.  They were generating hundreds of thousands of dollars daily – without  inventory to sell.

Unfortunately, these timeshares end up on the exchange company’s website as a timeshare property when, by definition, it is not. So, timeshare owners think that they can get in because they think that the entire resort is a timeshare.

Supply and Demand

Your exchange depends solely on two things, and two things only; The supply and demand of where you own, and the supply and demand of where you want to exchange into.

The supply and demand of the resort where you own

Depending on where you own will determine where you can and cannot go. Whether your resort is a Gold Crown or not will not determine your exchange power.  It has to do with how many people want to come to your resort the week that you own?  Is it a high demand area.  How many others resorts are there to choose from?

Orlando represents has many timeshares that area spread out in the area, and there are many four and five star resorts. However, if you purchase there because you want to a Disney theme park, you might be disappointed when you try to exchange into somewhere like Paris, or New York City.

It has to do with how many timeshare owners in your area want to exchange into the same place.  With a plethora of timeshares, thought in a high demand destination, you are competing with too many other timeshare owners.

The illusion here is when consumers visit a place like Disney and buy their timeshare while they are in Orlando.  Once the kids grow up and nobody wants to go to Orlando,  everybody is trying to exchange into other locations and cannot. Too much supply and everybody is trying to get out.

If you owned at the Manhattan Club across from Carnegie Hall in New York City where there are two or three timeshares, your chances of getting into Paris are much higher because of the low supply and high demand that New York City carries.

how to exchange my timeshare

Moreover,  depending on what season, unit size you own your timeshare will also determine your exchange power. This is the problem I see with the points systems as the points are generally attached to a deed which represents a week, unit and size. If there is not a demand for your unit during that time, your exchange power is weak. If you can get in with your points, you probably will not be able to stay an entire week.

The supply and demand of the area where you want to exchange to

The supply and demand of where you want to go is also a factor when trying to exchange into a place like New York City or Paris that has little timeshares. You are competing with other members who too want to visit these high demand locations.

Points Are Just Hot Air

how to exchange my timeshare

Additionally, if you purchase or convert to a points based system, you really do not know what you really own or what is being traded.

Although the resort tells you that your points can get you anywhere anytime,  keep in mind that the points (within the U.S.) are attached to a deed, which means to a specific week and a specific unit. If your deed is in an off season, this may be why you cannot trade.

Also, where is your deeded located?  Did you pay a lesser price and the deed is in an area that has little exchange power?

How to get rid of a timeshare, the redweek timeshare book

Read the paperwork

Look at the paperwork, discover what you really own, and never buy at a timeshare sales presentation because you are buying on their terms, not yours. You want to make sure that you have all the information before making a timeshare purchase anywhere. Otherwise, you will spend energy trying to figure  out how to get rid of a timeshare.

Review the timeshare forums and have great forums for timeshare owners, in case you didn’t know.  They discuss their experiences within the industry and with particular resorts.

I must admit that many are discussing ways on how to get rid of a timeshare, but they are real experiences on particular resorts.

how to get rid of a timeshare, the redweek timeshare book


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